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Website Investigation


People logically think of a website as what they see, text and images. They can be part of website investigation but this may also focus on the website's online home, the domain. Information can in most cases be found on:

  • The history of a website and the domain itself. A domain's past relationship to other websites and parties.
  • Content and use over the years. This could include whether a domain has been misused, or had search engine penalties.
  • How use, or recent, or past change may have affected business. If you are buying or selling a website, the value.

Untangling The Web

Not the entire internet but the parts relating to your website. The points above can be broadened by looking thoroughly at a site's place on the web. The point of the web is connections, these can yield information thought to be hidden or lost.

Very little is and rediscovery can raise opportunity, answer questions, help solve disputes. Website investigation has a purpose, the clarity which can be brought by knowledge.

This can also reveal strengths and weaknesses. Whether historic, or current, understanding them is essential to taking a website forward, by eliminating problems and building on openings.

A Comprehensive Picture

Technical analysis resolves many factors but website investigation can add depth. A website is more than code, how a site works with the web influences value and performance.

Understanding management of a website over a period, or the effect of decisions during a recent project also helps. To take a project forward, or as part of expert evidence for a website.

Knowledge can help end website disputes, which are best supported by ensuring information is available to all parties. Neither is investigating a website necessarily intrusive.

Ethical and Confidential

Our task is to investigate and bring out information of value. In the case of a website dispute, this may not be known by either party. The ethos underlying our work is ensuring fairness for all involved.

Nothing we find is used for any other purpose. If you talk to our staff in confidence, information you supply is not shared without permission. This is not to hide anything, simply to respect good practice.

Whether your interest is settling a dispute, or creating a better website, investigation of a website on a wider basis matters. As with most factors in business, awareness creates opportunity.