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Website Forensics


We always try to consider a website holistically, not least the business purpose. Even so, the web, search engines and websites are technical entities, each aspect offering an opportunity for quite specific forensic examination.

  • We can crawl your entire site in a similar way to a search engine. Also check server returns, control files, DNS configuration.
  • Search placement and indexing data can be collated. We check search engine compliance issues, however accidental.
  • Internal link structure, inbound links and anchor text are mapped. On and off site duplication tracked down, including the cause.
  • Page load times and inbuilt performance factors are evaluated. The ability of visitors to use and navigate your site.

Developing The Detail

Added to the core aspects above are a myriad of smaller details, from broken links to page titles. A defined picture comes together, unique to your website. Establishing the technical reality of a website is essential, as a base for looking deeper.

Core build errors can come to light during the process, along with other aspects which were not obvious. Forensic website examination builds itself, study of one factor defines others which need scrutiny.

You shouldn't pluck answers out of thin air, simply look at what can be accurately known. Website forensics is about factual information, with technical elements to the fore.

Content Comes Next

Website content is itself a form of data, treated as such by web servers and search engines. The structure in terms of code and syntax matter to them, for clarity and performance.

The quality, or value of content is equally important, to visitors and search engines. As a website is indexed, search engines carry out semantic and statistical analysis. They wish to understand the page, the website, the web and how they interrelate.

The value of the content and wider relationships can equally be studied using dedicated software, as can the structure of a page and a website. Words do have a forensic meaning.

Meeting Objectives

Forensic reports on websites can be entirely separate, or an aspect of a wider study. They often underpin the mix of fact and opinion in a legal report, or identify technical errors which are causing performance issues, or project failure.

There is perhaps no field of investigation which does not involve a degree of subjectivity and experience. Forensic examination of a website is essentially still a factual exercise.

This can bring a clear and unarguable picture, or identify errors and opportunities otherwise unseen. A mix we find meets our clients needs and often helps them move forward.