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Service Costs And Approach


We support a social business model, are signatories to the Strasbourg Declaration and ensure fairness is reflected in our pricing. Our wish is to ensure anyone seeking to benefit from the web, or civil justice is not hindered by lack of technical clarity:

  • Our free advice service really is free, we also welcome informal contact to discuss any issue.
  • The priority is to establish whether we are the right people, with the right skills to help you.
  • Where cost is involved, we will provide an estimate and a firm quote as early as possible.

Above all, we believe transparent pricing is important and will explain any costs which are not self evident.

Website Reports

Although assisting with website disputes is a notable part of our work, we are often asked for reports simply to help take the web presence of a business forward.

Enquiries are welcome from businesses of all sizes. Please bear in mind we do not take a boiler plate approach, an analyst will study the unique situation and needs of your website.

As a general rule, this type of report costs between £300 and £400. We suggest getting in touch, so we can see whether a website report will benefit your business and give you an accurate cost.

Expert Witness Reports

Our normal rate for expert witnesses is £65 per hour. Much of the work will however be against a fixed quote and experts tend not to watch the clock, effectiveness more important than revenue.

We try to take into account the circumstances of a case. As Civil Justice Council guidelines suggest, cost should be proportionate to the value of a case, although this is no reason not to carry out work thoroughly and fairly.

Cases within the small claims track are an example of costs needing to be rational, with regard to the amount of the claim and the limit on recoverable costs. We will seek to work within this limit.

Additional Points To Note

Expenses are charged at a reasonable rate, for example 45p per mile, or standard rail fare for travelling. We reserve the right to charge travelling time at half rate where substantial distance is involved and for overnight stays.

Both are often avoided and similarly, being asked to attend court to give evidence is uncommon. Where this applies, our charge is £500 per day and we will trim this to a half day when feasible.

Clear invoices are issued in all cases and for reports of all types, we will normally request a deposit. As with every charge we make, this will always be notified in advance of any work commencing.