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Data And Information Privacy

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  • All information we record from website visitors is anonymous and simply to aid site management.
  • This is explained, along with information which may help on a web wide basis, in our cookie policy.
  • Whether you contact us for advice, or ask for further support, details you provide are stored securely. Access is only available on a need to know basis.
  • We do not share, sell, or give out data, or make available personal details for any reason.
  • Our web servers and working PCs are well protected and regularly checked for intrusion.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our first commitment. We recognise that the rightful owners of personal details and data are our clients, even where information may already be in the public domain.

Offences are in place under UK law relating to unauthorised access to, or actions against systems and data. Such actions will be investigated with a view to criminal and/or civil proceedings.


We treat all data as required under the Data Protection Act 1998, although choose to exempt ourselves from the right to share data with third parties, other than if legally required to do so.

The same principle is extended to discussions we have, notes which may be taken, emails, or other electronic correspondence. Clients have a right to privacy at all times.