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Our Statement Of Policy


Through practical initiatives, our prime aim is to assist in the spread of communication amongst UK business and residents via the web.

  • All businesses will be supported to adopt a growing medium. Competing without a viable website is a handicap.
  • Consumers can be given choice, information, contact details. Helping them find value and spend within the UK economy.
  • A strong web economy makes the UK attractive to new, or incoming businesses. Both are key to a sound social and business environment.

Working Methods

As an organisation in an ever changing field, we have a responsibility to understand change and react accordingly. The principles underlying our support should however remain consistent.

  • The provision of free advice, or at reasonable cost, technical support focused on making websites effective.
  • Transfer of knowledge and encouragement for all to move forward on the web, sustain their business.
  • Helping professional web design or development agencies provide value to clients and security for website users.

A key element is encouraging specialists to work by methods which are beneficial to clients, to their own business and the wider economy.

The Website Report Service does not provide ongoing services beyond support on website disputes and where required, expert evidence on websites. This is to preserve independence, so all parties receive the best advice, with no consideration of selling services.

Operating Ethos

We can only succeed by being part of the business community and by working with members of that community. Any person with knowledge is an asset and that knowledge can be diverse.

Whether or not others have technical skills, they can add perspective to our work which comes from running real world businesses. There are no barriers to business owners putting forward ideas to develop our services, they have much to offer.

We also welcome input from web professionals, or interested UK residents. In a complex field, no organisation has all the answers and we can all benefit from listening to each other.

Equality Counts

A strong commitment is in place to ensure all members of the community are treated equally, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, responsibility for dependents, disability, race, national origin, age, religion, political or trade union affiliations.

Confidentiality is equally essential to fairness and to good support. Other than to people directly involved, no details are disclosed and no confidential data is ever shared externally.

This ensures website owners feel able to interact freely but does not prevent development of services by understanding their needs.

The needs of UK website owners and those providing them are the reason we are here. If you would like to talk to us for any reason, you are welcome to contact us.