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Expert Witnesses On Web Development


As the web has grown, so has a need for expert witnesses on websites. Any field can bring disputes, not least one quite new and not always understood. Informed input in web related cases is critical, although we must meet essential criteria:

  • Our expert will have in depth knowledge of website development, the build process, search performance, user interaction.
  • They will set their views down in a suitable manner and be aware of Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Directions, Protocols.
  • They will be used to giving oral evidence, being cross examined, handling written questions, meetings with other experts.

Above all, a good expert witness should ensure facts and opinions are clear to all. If a case fails to be understood due to technical confusion, or poor communication, they have not done their job.

Meeting Specialist Needs

The expert working with you will have substantial industry experience. From the birth of the web, to the latest developments and ongoing research, which we are part of.

Our investigations are aided by software developed for the task, sound understanding of where to access information on websites and industry contacts across the globe. All valuable to a scientific approach and to assist with another critical aspect.

An expert witness on a website, or any matter, is there to offer opinion as well as fact. In our case, this opinion will be based on analysing and reporting on thousands of websites.

The Nature of Expert Reports

Expert witness reports on websites rarely avoid technical content but this must be explained, ideally, so that someone who has never seen a website would understand the conclusions.

Focusing on matters in hand and instructions given is a requirement for an expert and helps bring clarity. Rather than diverging into unwanted areas, an expert can address any misunderstanding on points the parties are already looking at.

They can also add new dimensions to existing views, remove technical barriers and relate points of dispute to what should have taken place. An example of this is looking at the relationship between web developer and client, an aspect often featured in our reports

Analysing Business Value

Whilst a website in itself consists of files, images and databases on a server, the purpose of the website can be a core point. Have business objectives been met, is the website able to be managed by a business and serve their clients.

The need to work with search engines may be a related, or specifically contracted point. A complex area, as full of myths as reality, yet one we specialise in. We have worked with market leaders to try to make search engine optimisation better understood.

A website, or domain may also have a monetary value, or be expected to add value to a business. These can be assessed and as with the purpose of the website, fully explained,