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Expert Evidence On Websites


Expert evidence on websites combines forensic and analytical skills with understanding. Facts derived from sound methodology form a platform for opinion based on experience. An expert in any field needs thorough knowledge, although they also require:

  • The ability to deliver evidence in a calm, polite, assured manner. In writing, on the phone, or in a witness box.
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements for providing evidence, from a suitable format, to Civil Procedure Rules.
  • A focus on instructions, key questions and the ability to respond to them in a way which can be understood.

In the same way that experts have a duty to the Court, we have a duty to all parties. To ensure the person providing expert evidence for a website has the all round capacity to do so.

Breadth Of Evidence

Our experts have experience on most types of websites and will have investigated a considerable number in detail. This will range from small websites, to complex ecommerce installations.

Areas we often consider include the standard and cost of development projects, search optimisation, technical efficiency. With most websites representing a business, wider business implications can be a rational part of our evidence.

We also know that not everyone shares our interest in the minutiae of a website. Our role is not only to analyse but to ensure our evidence is presented with common sense and clarity.

Assisting Legal Staff

Our staff have no issues with serving as either a sole, or single joint expert. There can also be situations where acting in an advisory capacity will be of use, to help legal professionals focus on the legal complexities and their clients.

Support can range from advice to clarify technical issues, to assessing strengths and weaknesses, to acting as liaison with an existing expert. We also understand the value in some cases of a prompt response and can normally assist at short notice.

An opportunity to talk through the position with one of our staff can help with key points. Our aim is seeing that legal representatives receive all the technical support they need.

Logical and Neutral

Our involvement often by nature requires a neutral view and in truth, little else helps. We have a responsibility to provide one, or all parties with a realistic picture and to provide expert evidence which is not easily challenged.

The technical skills we offer, such as website forensics are a sound base for this, although they need to be allied to others. Logic and deduction based on experience are as valuable in the high tech web environment as anywhere else.

Alongside good communication, they are what makes expert evidence on a website real, rather than a collection of data. As well as accuracy, our task should consist of interpretation.