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Sharing Data For Investigation

Hard drive for data collection
  • As part of our work, we often need to collect data from and about your website, or a site being built for you.
  • Even though part of this might be publicly available, shared data receives the same care as personal data.
  • No details go beyond our own staff, or consultants and anyone working on your case is required to log in.
  • Sensitive information, such as passwords, or personal contact details is stored in a secure database.
  • The web server we use for testing and replication is unavailable beyond our office, not part of the web.

Website Data

We should make clear that providing website data is not always a requirement. We can access a great deal ourselves, existing data is simply a useful addition which may assist investigation.

By all means send in any information which may help. This could range from sales history, to the rate of sign up for email newsletters, we are happy to see whatever you feel is relevant.


You may include records held on domains, technical amendments to your site, variations in performance you tracked. We do not require any of this but sharing knowledge of a website can help analysts and is used for no other purpose, details are confidential.

Performance Data

If you use Google Webmaster Tools, or similar at other search engines, data from there can help. Such as tracking errors search robots might find, or seeing details of visits through search.

You may also use Google Analytics, or a competing product, to record visits to your website. Most hosting facilities offer server logs, which can provide similar data and assist with error tracking.

Your customers are the reason for a website, their behaviour matters. There can also be times when accessing the web server itself will help. The list will vary by situation but a no stone unturned approach is a good way to reveal previously unknown detail.