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Internet Cookies and Your Privacy

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A cookie is a generally quite small text file which can be downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used by a good percentage of websites, often for useful purposes, such as remembering your preferences.

Cookies can be used for more intrusive purposes and may not belong to the site you visit, perhaps to third party advertisers. This type of practice has drawn attention and resulted in European legislation, to be enforced by related bodies in individual countries.

In the United Kingdom, cookies are governed by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, enforced by the Information Commissioner's Office. The Regulations were revised in 2011 and implemented after a grace period in May 2012.

Our Cookie Use

The only cookies used on this site are first party Google Analytics cookies. These help provide anonymous statistics on visits to our website and do not collect personal information. This helps us understand how our website is used and improve the site to better match customer needs.

Google Analytics stores information on the pages you visit, links you use, length of time on site and how you arrived on site. This data is not shared with any other party.

Learning More

You can read further information on the Information Commisssioner's page dedicated to cookies.

On the subject of analytics, they stated "provided clear information is given about their activities, we are unlikely to prioritise first-party cookies used only for analytical purposes in any consideration of regulatory action"

We equally believe that keeping our users informed will help. You can see detailed technical information at Google analytics cookies. As stated in their privacy policy, Google Analytics does not collect personal information.

Taking Control

Should you prefer to entirely opt out of accepting analytics cookies, Google allows users to do so via a browser plugin.

Most modern browsers let you change cookie settings to give you more control. Help sections for popular browsers are linked below:

Should you have any further concerns regarding cookies in general, or on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We take privacy seriously, you can read more regarding our general approach in the privacy policy section.