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Complaints Procedure


We are pleased to offer advice, reports, or expert evidence and have not received a serious complaint, or any unresolved. Nevertheless, our clients should have an effective complaints procedure, which we provide in line with the following:

  • Resolving all complaints about the Website Report Service is our responsibility.
  • Complaints of any form will be dealt with promptly, effectively and courteously.
  • Complaints will be recorded and an initial response given within 5 working days.
  • A log of all related internal and external input will be kept as part of procedure.

Confidentiality throughout the process will be paramount, neither will your statutory rights normally be affected.

Principle Approach

If a complaint can not be fully resolved within 28 days, a written explanation will be provided. This will detail why the complaint has not been resolved, what steps are being taken and other avenues which may also be available.

These could include professional bodies, which those working with us belong to, although clients should anticipate the need to follow their complaints procedure separately.

Where appropriate and in agreement with the complainant, we may ourselves refer complaints externally. In particular, where independent technical input could assist.

A Supportive Route

We hope you will feel able to discuss an issue with the person involved. They will bring the matter to the attention of others, we all accept that being right, or reacting perfectly in every situation may not happen. If confidentiality allows, we try to help each other and clients.

Should this approach not be satisfactory, or you feel unable to discuss the situation, the person nominated to take overall responsibility for management of client complaints is:

The Secretary
Website Report Service
22 St Catherines
Surrey KT13 8JR

Moving Forward

Could you please put your complaint in writing, by post, or email. This should include the name of the person here who is involved, the issue you wish to raise and if you have one, a case reference number.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with a solution, if not, a progress report. There could conceivably be circumstances where a matter needs to be addressed other than internally, perhaps with court related work.

In that situation, we would naturally detail the need to you. You are equally welcome to contact us at any time to discuss any aspects of our support services.