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About The Website Report Service


Our journey began in 2006, as part of an IT support unit in Surrey. The first step was creating a separate website support organisation. This offered a range of services, including advice, website reports, help with web disputes.

Our technical reports were well received and well used. The Website Report Service becoming our focus, growing within three years into a national non profit service.

Clients continued to give positive feedback, those involved in website disputes particularly so. We were also fortunate to take on board specialist skills in this area at the right time. Equally, web organisations across the globe have readily assisted us.

Helping Solve Disputes

As time passed, the need in the business community made focusing on website related disputes logical. Advice and expert evidence on web development were needed but hard to source.

We feel the service is unrivalled, yet offered free or at reasonable cost. For direct clients, or legal staff, independent, professional advice and practical solutions are available.

The web is a great asset but still evolving, misunderstandings, or poor support are not unknown. Helping businesses overcome disputes is our contribution to growth.

Sharing the Future

With almost all companies and a high number of households using the web, businesses have a channel for instant communication. Being free to pursue this is essential to their success.

As our policy statement suggests, helping them succeed is the aim of our staff but they also have a personal investment in the future.

They are enthusiastic about website development and people being able to benefit from the web unhindered. Whether a barrier is technical, or a dispute, removing this is a pleasure.

Ongoing Services

By all means take a look at the website dispute services we offer. Every website is seen as important, no fees are incurred without agreement and if we can help without cost, we will. Technical input and a neutral view can make a dispute go away.

Where this is not the case, we offer support to website owners, or legal representatives. This can range from an initial overview, to a complete and legally compliant expert witness report.

We are also happy to offer free advice to site owners, or developers, to help take contracts forward. Providing a view on web services offered to businesses can be equally valuable.