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Website Support - Our Services Are No Longer Publicly Available

Forensic website research, users by age

As this remains well visited, we left an historic website research project in place for anyone wishing to read.

  • The impact of Brexit - Our organisation was founded under an EU social enterprise initiative. EU withdrawal negated that key link and part of our work.
  • UK options considered - We understand the reality of austerity and that funding is tight. Technical business support has little chance of consideration.
  • The Commercial Option - The Report Service has always had a commercial edge but charging full rates for start ups, charities, or legal work did not appeal.
  • Research & Development - Rather oddly, timing of closure will allow specialist staff to devote more time to research projects, a positive web outcome.

We hope you understand the reasons for closure and wish every sector success online into the future.

Your Business

Whilst every enterprise is unique, you may find a few points which help in our SME sector: Website Research

Technical Training

Our team can no longer assist, if you are keen on the technical side of the web, why not try free:Google Training